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The Microscale Bus Collection


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Hey Everyone On Lego Ideas,

I hope you're all doing well. :)

Welcome to my idea called ''The Microscale Bus Collection'' I hope you all like it.

What is it?

My idea is based on the famous classic red London buses that can be seen in London, UK I wanted to make this idea a microscale one because I thought it would be kind of cute and just super cool to do that.

Why did I build this?

The reason why is because I wanted to make something different but still give it that look and elemental feel to the idea that clearly says that the idea was inspired from those famous red London buses.
I also knew that I wanted this idea to be a microscale one as well because it would look cuter with all the different colours of the different variant types of the bus models I have used in my idea. :)

Bus Models Included In This Idea….

  • 1x Classic Red London
  • 1x Golden Jubilee
  • 1x Purple Wonder
  • 1x Yellow Ocean

*In order to create my model I have used the ''LDD'' software and the rendering software called ''Bluerender''.



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