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Fives' Coruscant Escape


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Hi, and welcome to my project. I decided to build my favourite part of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Star Wars fans might remember the episode when Fives, the highly skilled ARC trooper removes his chip and discovers the truth about the clone troopers. Nobody believes him, so he has to escape. Jedi Master Shaak Ti goes after him. Fives sees a Coruscant city taxi, so he is able to blend into the Coruscant crowd...

Building the structure of the taxi took really a lot of time but what turned out was a powerful air-taxi.

I paid attention to the details and to the playability too. The doors are vertically moveable. You can remove the roof and there are four seats, a removeable floor part and some control panel.

Shaak Ti is a standard figure, but Fives got a really precise hair piece, I included a custom-built taxi driver and a civil doctor, who has been devastated by our hero trooper.

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