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W427 Hardtail Bobber a.k.a The Widowmaker

"The Widowmaker" is an old school hardtail bobber packed with the latest technology.
Its been purpose built for cruising down those beautiful coastal roads in the warm summer evenings.
Enjoying the scent of blossom, the wind trough your hair and the complete feel of freedom when going from town to town without a certain goal.

The term Widow maker is without a doubt to be taken seriously since the black polished frame of the bike comes with a real powerhouse of an engine.

A V4 engine created by combining two big V-twin engines on 1350cc each putting out a total of displacement of 2700cc. This will give you plenty of power for stop light drag races and overtaking fellow drivers with ease.

The bike also features double front disc brakes with enough stopping power to make you think twice before you use its full potential - even though you could since its comes with the latest abs-systems available.

To keep the bike as clean-looking as possible the radiator has been mounted horizontally and all the electronics, computers and battery are stored under the seat in a old styled oil tank.

It also comes with a low maintenance and highly reliable shaft drive for your convenience

A lot of effort has been put into the Widow maker to trigger the sense for the people that will encounter it, wether it is seeing it at a stand still outside a café, passing by on the freeway at full throttle or riding it.

You´ll find bar end indicators, bandaged performance exhaust, steel wired brake wires and a black leather seat to complete the look of this powerful cruiser.

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