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Body Gym

Hi everyone, here is my first modular

A weight gym with changing rooms and equipment,
 there are treadmills, stationary bikes, weight rooms and training machines.
The equipment present is: 5 treadmills, 4 exercise bikes, 2 weight machines, 2 leg weight machines, 3 weight-bearing barbells, 3 pairs of dumbbells.
All on 3 floors, the top of which has bathrooms, changing rooms and wardrobes.
Each floor is connected by a staircase that changes color together with each floor which is characterized by a specific and modern color, such as the entirely glass walls like all real gyms.
Reception on the first floor with treadmill and exercise bike,
Weight room and weight machines on the second floor
Bathrooms with changing rooms are located on the upper floor.
In the women's bathroom there is a shower, 2 toilets, 3 sinks with mirrors and changing benches with related lockers
in the men's bathroom 2 toilets, 2 showers, 3 sinks with mirror and benches with related wardrobes.
There are also mini figures that play sports,

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