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The Globe Theater - Microscale



Welcome to the Globe Theater in Micro-scale!  It is the fourteenth century Shakespearean theater.  It was built using roughly 1,000 bricks.  If you want to see this in stores, please click the support button! 


The Lord Chamberlain's Men gained possession of The Globe Theater in 1599.  The Lord Chamberlain's Men was a play acting group in the fourteenth century headed by William Shakespeare.  The original Globe was built from materials used to make the very first theater.  The theater heavily impacted the playwright, and his plays were written to be performed in this theater.  Theaters were normally round because the play acting groups generally performed in courtyards, which were often round.  When plays were not in session, gambling, bear fights, and chicken fights were held in the theater.  The theater caught fire when a special effect went wrong, and The Globe burned to the ground.  It was later rebuilt, but eventually torn down.  The Globe Theater was rebuilt in the late 1990's in Stratford-upon-Avon, were Shakespeare's plays are currently performed.   


It had three viewing decks for watching the play, as well as the pit, which was the ground level around the stage.  The stage extended into the center of the pit so that the people up in the viewing decks could see the play.  Admission to the pit was a penny, while the higher viewing decks were more expensive.  This was because poor peasants, often called "groundlings," who watched the play from the pit, didn't take baths very often.  The wealthier people in the upper decks wanted to evade the smell.  The stage was under a roof which protected it from the weather.  Barely any scenery props were used in The Globe.  Dialogue from the characters was used to describe the setting.  The balcony above the stage was used for a stage setting, such as the top of a castle wall, for example, or other settings.  There was no lighting, so plays were performed during the day.  Behind the stage were prop and dressing rooms.  The stage had a trapdoor so that characters could come up or go down.  There were two doors on either side of the stage to let characters in and out.  Above the stage balcony, there was pulley system to raise and lower a character to give the idea of flight.  The high balcony above the stage was used for music and sound effects.  The towers on the outside of the theater are the stairwells.  The full Globe was round, so the model seen here represents only half of The Globe.


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This project was built by Evie M. (age 15).  Thank you for your support!

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