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Space Pickup - Futuron Meets Space Police 3


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this is my further idea to connect the different space-fractions from different eras. It should connect the LEGO-monorail (Set-nr.: 6990) with the third generation space-police. So I build a space-pickup who can carry an monorail-compatible container (more from these container you can see in my other projects).

The space-pickup was locking old-fashioned so it is now time an old space-car. It has space for one of the monorail-container. For this the pickup has two hinged braces to fix the cargo. And also the engine cowling can be opened to repair the engine.

The driver is a young gangster-girl called mell. She lives with the extraterrestrial-gangsters, known from space police 3. So she is wearing an Alien-helmet to live unrecognized between the others. With his space-pickup mell is stealing futuron-container at every occasion.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Then I would be happy about supports or comments. Also you can comment if you have any criticism or suggestions.

Thank you!

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