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The Brick's New House


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This proposed set is The Brick’s New House. Mr. and Mrs. Brick have worked with their two contractors to help build their dream home and now you or your child can help build it with them and hopefully with your support it can be your or your child’s first Lego house set.

Mr. and Mrs. Brick have designed the house to be flexible, customizable and playable. If Mrs. Brick wants the side window on the other wall, then Mr. Brick calls up the contractors to switch the wall to the other side. If Mr. Brick wants to watch the television in the kitchen, then he switches it with the hanging clock.

The entire house is simple and easy for the two contractors (and any level builder) to construct (and allows any level builder the platform to create his/her own unique home).

The contractors have with them all the tools to help, from a paint roller and shovel to a ladder, hammer and saw, anything they could need, they have to get the job done.

The house Mr. and Mrs. Brick chose comes with 15 prefabricated sections that are all built separately then put together to form the house. The same sections can also be torn down, repositioned and rebuilt over and over for unlimited fun.

The building process is similar to how one builds the expert level Creator modular buildings but instead of building and then breaking down the building into individual floors the house is completely built and then broken down into movable sections.

The 2 basement side walls are interchangeable as are the 2 first floor side walls. On the second floor both sides of the roof are removable and interchangeable to allow increased access to the floor.

Inside the house, each side wall has a built in 1x2/2x2 angle plate piece (Part Number# 4203147) to hang the flat screen TV and clock. The house comes fully furnished with a kitchen table, 2 chairs, a sink, 2 cabinets, a stove, mailbox, lamp and a bed. Most of the furniture and appliances are movable and can be placed throughout the house effortlessly making for an additional play element of the set.

The Bricks are already thinking about all the ways they can redecorate and expand the inside and outside of the house to make more space for their future baby Bricks.

As it stands, The Brick’s New House is made up of 495 pieces and is a mix between the Town / World City / City and Creator 3-in-1 and Modular themes and the Construction and Demolition subthemes. It comes with Mr. and Mrs. Brick, their dog, cat and bird and 2 hired contractors.

Please help support The Brick’s New House and make this original idea a set. Thank you in advance for all of your help and support!

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