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The Solar Scorpion

The Solar Scorpion is an all-electric, 100% solar-powered, botanical science vehicle. 

I built it because my son and I are very into science and exploration, Legos, solar power, and electric vehicles. 

This would make a great Lego set for three reasons:
  1. It promotes exploration and reinforces STEM skills. 
  2. Solar panels are close to achieving the power to fully charge vehicles so this is soon possible.  
  3. Driving a small electric tank through the jungle looking for exotic plants to study is cool!

Additional Notes: 
  • Inside two people can fit and each chair swivels for access to the science stations and computers, or the driving and digger controls.
  • There are two storage lockers on the back. 
  • The top hatch and solar panels are on one single Lego piece to provide excellent reinforcement. 
  • The batteries would be in between the treads. 
  • Coffee not included. 

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