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Regatta Under the Old Lighthouse


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Follow Captain Daniel and Dom on their two small sailboats!

You do not know them yet? I presented them in my previous projects.

Before becoming a sailor, Captain Daniel crisscrossed all the oceans of the globe
to the command of cargo ships of all tonnages.
During all these years, he always found the time to practice his true passion:
Go sailing or fishing at sea on his old "blue butterfly" or on other boats, alone or with friends.
This little white sailboat was his first boat just for him.

Dom was a mechanical engineer on an aircraft carrier.
He stocked tons of boat engine parts, but also engine parts of airplane or helicopter.
In a jiffy, he assembles all that and hop, sometimes it works.
But what he prefers is the work of wood.
Dom built a copy of this litlle boat.
The two friends can sail side by side at the cape of the old lighthouse.

I will make you visit this building soon.

This set with two boats and two figurines has 506 pieces and is quite simple to assemble.

Thank you for visiting, and please, support if you like it!

Note: The lighthouse and the sailboat behind on the last picture are not part of the project.
They are there for the photo. You can also visit the "blue butterfly". The lighthouse, maybe a future project ...

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