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The future of air travel is here!  This next generation aircraft is being developed by researchers at Delft University of Technology and partner Dutch airline KLM.  The Flying-V's futuristic design incorporates the passenger cabin, fuel tanks and cargo hold into the wings.

The plane will use 20% less fuel than aircraft carrying a similar number of passengers--the Flying-V will seat 314, while similar sized aircraft seat ~350. The design also mirrors other aircraft's 65-meter (213 feet) wingspan, enabling it to use existing airport infrastructure.

The aviation industry contributes about 2.5% of global CO2 emissions, so we need to find alternative designs for our aircraft to lower the airline industries' footprint.  Electric Airplanes are too heavy, so a completely new redesign of the tube/wing aircraft we use today is needed.  The new configuration of the Flying-V reduces drag and makes use of the wings being the fuselage of the plane, which is actively used to create lift.

This set is scaled to fly eight of your minifigures in style while helping improve conditions for the environment!  There are 1,500 pieces and four minifigures (two pilots and two passengers) included.

Please support the environment and development of this aircraft by supporting this LEGO Ideas project!

This was created using LEGO Digital Designer and Rendered by POVRAY.

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