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Sunrise on the Dock

Sunrise! It's the start of a busy day at a seaside dock! The coast guard is keeping a watchful eye on as much as they can! A sleek Chris-Craft motor boat cruises through the channel while a fisherman hoping for an early catch looks on. But watch out! some crazy crustaceans are sneaking around surprising folks!
They might be after some of the tasty snacks in the coffee shop!

This idea started with my wanting to make a Lego rendition of the classic Chris-Craft motor boat. After completing the initial model I thought it was a little boring and decided to add some minifigures and then thought they'd look good by a dock and pretty soon I was adding a coast guard station and a shop and creating a full scene. I had a lot of fun designing the set and had to rebuild and update it many many times! The coast guard station is full of little accessories and printed bricks. I enjoy digging through all the pieces in the Lego catalogue and there are a lot of good ones in here. Building the sliding door on the outside and figuring out hoe to build the stairs was a bit of a challenge. The coffee shop features a ceiling that comes off in a modular style to access from above and the side wall also swings open to see more detail and get to the accessories. The boat itself was challenging and required a lot of redesign as I added details to the cabin and the little pull away life jacket compartment.

I had a lot of fun building this and adding little details. Hopefully you enjoy it too!

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