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Worlds of Tomorrow


Have you ever wondered where we are going, and what it will look like when we get there? If you have, well you aren't alone. Countless others have looked to the stars and dreamed the same dreams; to fly, to live, and to explore. How we will fly and where we might explore has been captured in about as many different ways as we have dreamed. But where will we live? Well maybe not quite as many possibilities have been captured of that. Here's a few ideas on how we could live amongst the stars in the future.

Worlds of Tomorrow features three iconic and distinctly different views on what space colonies might one day resemble, based on real science and ideas that were available at the time of their conception.

- The O'Neill Cylinder, the elegant wing like mirrors are for reflecting sunlight through giant windows into the colony

- The Stanford Torus, a take by NASA on the spinning wheel concept that may be the most common design seen in movies, TV shows, and video games

- The Bernal Sphere, it's agricultural rings separate flora and fauna from the spheral living area

These models are designed for desktop display, and hopefully will also spark your imagination. Where will we go? Back to the moon? Mars? Further? Odds are wherever we end up, we'll need to build a few real world 'pit stops' along the way. Which design do you think is closest to what we'll see one day with our own eyes?


This is my first Lego Ideas submission. It was a labor of love, but I recognize that I still have a lot of room to learn and grow as a builder/designer. I'd love any and all constructive criticism, comments, or suggestions. Thank you for your time!



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