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The Ruins Hideout


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I´m happy to present you yet another project based on the fantasy/medieval theme, therefore the fifth part of the medieval village:

The Ruins Hideout!


There exists a hidden place in the wood, not far away of the village. It`s a badly damaged ruin with unknown history. Nobody of the locals revealed its existence so far, except some sneaky bandits. They fixed the building as good as they could. Now they are at least able to use it as a camp with storage. Did you notice the hooded lady by the bonfire? She seems to be influential, but…eh? She looks like the lady, which usually sells rummage and weapons at the village square? What`s that supposed to mean??

Find out by exploring the ruins and the whole medieval village and create your own legendary story!


  • Hide looted goods in the ruins
  • Climb the tower to be on the lookout
  • Take a rest by the bonfire
  • Take off the top of the tower to reveal the hidden armory
  • Enter the treasury through the backdoor


  • 1 mysterious female bandit
  • 3 male bandits
  • 2 horses
  • 1 bird
  • 1 frog

Part count:  1014

I hope you like this project! Only with your help it`s possible to gather the needed number of supports, so please support and share, tweet and share again.

Any comments and suggestions are much appreciated!

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Thank you for reading and your support!

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