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Steampunk Inspired Transport Dragon



This Model is a steampunk-inspired transport dragon carrying a crate. There is no real-word version of this model, so it was built completely from scratch. There are a lot of small details in the photos and small (functional and decorative) mechanical elements.


The model includes:

-moveable wings

-posable legs and feet

-moveable tail

-detachable create (which can be used on trucks, trains, etc.)

-detachable cables holding the create

-openable create


Lore (fictional):
As planes got bigger and bigger, small towns and villages had to get their mail, food, etc. from trucks and trains. But this was slow and perishable foods went bad quickly. Most of these places did not have an airport, and even if they did, it would be a small dirt strip on the outskirts of town. The first 'dragon' was built to speed up mail delivery due to several complaints of important letters coming in very late. Many years later, 'dragons' delivered cargo to many small towns all across the world.

Other details:
The navigation lights are underneath the wings.
The letters 'CJTS' is present which is the identification of the dragon.

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