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Skeldale House - Traditional Town House of Yorkshire

"My name is James Herriot," I said with my best smile. Mrs Hall nodded and looked at me with grim benevolence.
All Creatures Great and Small is a show loved all over the world. The story is about the young veterinary James Herriot and his life in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1930s. Based on the books by James Alfred Wight, BBC released a lovely TV-series in 2020. Season two was released in the Autumn of 2021.
Never heard about James Herriot? Don’t worry, just regard this model as a modular house in a traditional British town house style!
My Model:
Skeldale House is the veterinary surgery and home of the central characters in All Creatures Great and Small. You may recognize several rooms and details from the BBC TV-series.
All the main characters are, of course, included as minifigures:
James Herriot, a veterinary surgeon
Siegfried Farnon, a veterinary surgeon and owner of Skeldale House
Mrs Audrey Hall, housekeeper of Skeldale House
Tristan Farnon, Siegfried's younger brother
Alderson, a farmer's daughter and James' love interest
Skeldale House is built according to the principles of LEGO Modular Buildings. It is possible to open the house and detach the two upper floors.

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