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1956s Greyhound Bus


Hi Guys,
Here is my extension for the bus station with megaliner bus from the bus company "Tres Estrallas de Oro" of the bus brand "Sultana".
This creation did not originate years ago but in the last days. ;-).
I thought about my research on this bus,
since the "Tres Estrallas de Oro" buses not only in Mexico driving,
but also in the South of the USA, such as Florida,
it would be nice to design the US American counterpart a Greyhound bus and use it for the expansion.
Now to the creation:
It is a bus station with a "GM PD-4501 Scenicruiser" a "1956 Greyhound Bus" from GM / GMC.
This bus was made exclusively by GM for Greyhound and produced exclusively for this bus company.
From 1954 to 1956 General Motors produced approximately 1,001 of these buses
and were used by Greyhound from July 1954 to the middle of the 70s.
Now Lego City has not only a reasonable bus station and long-distance bus from the bus company "Tres Estrallas de Oro"
But also a Greyhound bus. The cult Travel bus from the USA. And from the bus station is a small coach station, "how cool!"
In the travel buses the inhabitants of Lego City can travel comfortably and look at the beautiful landscapes on the road.
If you support this bus station extension :-)
In this project, my effort was to the make it as realistic as possible.
And with door, of course.
With this model, I would like to enrich the Lego world so that the little and big kids can play with it… or can simply collect it.
If you like buses and Lego
So, please hit the support button.
Also comment on the model below.
Keep on building! ;-)

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