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Semi Truck With Front Loader

My longtime childhood dream has always been going on a trip in a semi truck. Luckily, in my mid-twenties that dream became a reality for me. At that time I stayed in Central Alaska close to "Mile 0" of the famous Alaska Highway. I was invited by a crew of a mining company to join a 2000 mile trip to South East Alaska's Haines Harbour to pick up a piece of construction equipment. At early sunrise the journey began. We drove down the highway in a small convoy involving a semi truck with low bed twin axle trailer and a pick up truck with a flat bed. I sat in the passenger seat of the semi truck as I had pictured it in my childhood dreams.

The Alaska Highway, cutting through the wilderness, artery into one of the last frontiers. Endless tundra is passing by the window, followed by hectare upon hectare of deep forest; crystal clear lakes and rugged mountain ranges. Picture perfect!!!

My build represents the semi truck with its twin axle low bed trailer and the front loader we picked up at the harbour of Haines. Looking at this particular truck will always remind me of a trip of a lifetime. I'm certain this creation will compliment any Lego City layout.

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