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Fire/Rescue Ambulance and Supervisor Car


Hi this is my new idea called Fire/Rescue Ambulance and Supervisor car. This idea of mine comes with one trained Ambulance firefighter driver, one Paramedic trained firefighter, one Fire/Rescue Ambulance with blue, red and clear headlights, two doors on the driver side, a back that opens and closes to transport patients to the hospital,  a driver's wheel, a white driver seat, a white paramedic seat, a heart rate monitor computer, a blood pressure cuff and monitor. Lights on the side, lights on the back, dispatcher atena, blue lights on top of truck cab, orange turn signals on the fire/rescue ambulance. 

A white stretcher with oxygen bottle,  a white stretcher with wheels, two fire extinguishers with black caps on it, a needle, a AED machine, a black cell phone, a fire rescue kit.  The driver has a gold firefighter helmet, the paramedic has a titanium fire helmet. 

Inside the Supervisor car you have a driving wheel, a white seat. A supervisor with toolbox, and walkie talkie, three orange triangles. On top 1x4 rectangle light bar with blue and red lights, on the front of the car you have yellow headlights, underneath it you have one blue light and red light. On the back of the car you have one blue square light, one red light, one clear light, two red circles. Also the supervisor has on a silver firemen's helmet. 

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