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Insect Collection

Insects are amazing, they are mysterious, bewildering and they have amazing abilities. Inspired by the wide range available to me I thought it would be fun to create a range so that they can be observed, enjoyed and entice people to go out into their gardens to find these beasts.
I have created the common spider, bumblebee and butterfly and then also introduced the more diverse species of scorpion, stag beetle, dragonfly and centipede. All of the designs have something unique and different to them, the scorpion has movable claws and a stinger, the stag beetle's wings open up, the butterfly and dragonfly have movable wings but intrepid colors, and the centipede has a bendy and plastique body.

They all have their own miniature stand allowing you to easily move them round and position them in unique ways.

This unit overall captures the beauty and magnificent of the various creatures and allows you to take a deeper look into a magical world.

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