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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Lola


8 wide and she can fly!

So this update is to show of the new 8 wide design, which this time i was able to add the extra headlights to each side as well as the tail lights. i also made some changes with the front grill area. I would like to get some feedback on whether you guys like this version or the six wide better. and on top of all that i made her fly! well kinda...

So, with the flight mechanism it turned out ok. I will probably do some tweaking in the future. basically my problem is that you actually have to remove the section shown below and alter the placement. so in the picture below, the red studs are there to show where it would connect, in each orientation. there is also the issue of the cool little engine parts that you would have to add. so at this point, this is the best i could figure out. hopefully some tweaking and some suggestions will help make this a bit better...


Daisy's Hair

So I decided to update Daisy's hair to fit more with the style of season two, and the closest i could find was the black widow hair piece which works ok. unfortunately for some reason the decals no longer want to render... i'm not sure why, so meanwhile here is the render with the new hair, and hopefully once i get things sorted out with the rendering, i should put out one with her agent style uniform. Enjoy!