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Years ago, you would find a special coin game machine everywhere you went in Scandinavia. It was in Grocery Stores, pubs, restaurants, gas stations, bus terminals, airports, yeah, almost wherever you turned, there would be this machine you could put your pocket coins in, and snap them away and try to hitone slot that one slot that gave you more of the same coins in return if you hit the right spot. The machine was called "Knipsekasse" (Snap box)

It was a really relaxing and fun way to spend your change, and it raised money for charity as well! But as the inflation raised, and people used more and more credit cards, few had change in their pockets, and it was not worth keeping the snap boxes in business. So most of them got destroyed, and today you only find them at private collectors. They are rare to get a hold on, and are very expensive.

So I got the idea to make one for LEGO Ideas, but use balls instead of coins. So, introducing The LEGO Snap Box! The most addictive and fulfilling little game you didn't know you needed in your life :)

The model consists of 2999 LEGO bricks.

The "glass" is made out of double set of Trans clear panels 1x6x5, back to back.

In the middle there is a showroom you can take out my SigFig popcorn pusher, place him in your awesome LEGO city, and place your own SigFig :)

It's ready for light fixing all over the machine.

On top of the machine is a slot and container for real coins. That way, you can use it as a piggy bank, and exchange real coins for LEGO balls. (Think of it, you can make your family pay for their own presents) :D

Down on both sides, there is easy access to used balls.

On the backside, you will find the Janitor of the Snap Box. He has a kitchen, bathroom, bed chair, parrot, and a dog :) Can you spot how he gets in and out?

The mechanism:

There are a lot of ways to make the mechanism work, but I settled for a combo of 2 of my real machines. So this uses weight triggered by the balls, and resets itself with no power at all. When a ball lands in one of the "nets, ", the weight of the ball presses down a little lever. When it's triggered, it opens a lock that releases every coin in that row. Then the ball, or all other used balls, falls further down and either ends up in a row, or continues down into one of the two "banks" of used balls.

This machine is relaxing, satisfying, addictive, and a definitely core memory item! So, what are you waiting for? Vote for it, and hopefully you can add this LEGO set to your great collection! :D

Thanks so much for your time, and have a nice day!

Kind regards, Daniel

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