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AEF Transport Truck

Fight the evil alien bounty hunters with the AEF (Alien Exploration Forces) Agents!
  • Drive the AEF transport truck
  • Search for aliens with the truck's alien search disc
  • Create your own battles between the Bounty Hunters and the AEF Agents
  • Comes with 3 Mini-figures: 3 AEF Agents and 2 buildable bounty hunter figures
  • Comes with  accessories: 4 plasma pistols, 3 walkie talkies, 2 laser guns, 2 shields, 2 clawed shields and a coffee mug
  • Also includes a body armor piece to interchange with the air tanks
  • Truck features an alien search disc, mounted laser rifle and a stand for the air tanks when body armor is being used
  • Truck roof is easily removable
I built this as a nod to LEGO Space and Alien Conquest with a similar color scheme and similar mini-figures while still trying to make it new and unique. I felt like LEGO Space and Alien Conquest didn't have very many ground vehicles so I came up with this as a way to separate them.

I believe this would make a great LEGO set because it is great for play and display. It utilizes new techniques in building as well as an older LEGO Space look and feel so it appeals to all ages

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