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The Royal Yacht Dannebrog


The Royal Yacht Dannebrog is one of the most beautiful ships I can think of. It is used by the Danish Queen and other members of the Royal Family when they are on official visits overseas or on summer cruises in Denmark. The yacht was built in 1931 and has been in use by the Royal Family since 1932. Dannebrog has a crew of about 50 people, and the ship is also used for sea rescue operations when at sea.
This LEGO model of Dannebrog is a little over 1 meter long. I have tried to capture the shape of the ship and many different details. For example the two masts are tilted with slightly different angles like on the real one. It also carries 5 extra boats on board.
It was a challenge to build this yacht. I hope you like it.

Number of pieces: 3000

Length: 1040 mm (40.94 in)
Width: 128 mm (5.04 in)
Height: 349 mm (13.74 in)

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