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Biker Mice From Mars - The Last Chance Garage

The Biker Mice From Mars are here in brick form!

Stranded on Earth, they turn to their newfound ally, Charley, and, with her garage and mechanical expertise, they defend it from the evil Lawrence Limburger and his goons, Karbunkle and Greasepit.
The building consists of the Last Chance Garage on a 32x32 baseplate to fit in with other modular building sets.
It consists of one floor which includes the garage floor space, an entrance foyer with storage containers and Charley’s room which we saw in “The Masked Motorcyclist”. The garage doors use a gear system to open and a technic pin to lock them in place. The gaps above the doors are also incorporated into the elevated roof piece to allow the elevated sections to be hidden when the garage is fully constructed.

A hook hanging from a suspended string can be moved to the repair platforms.

The set works as a display with the constructed garage and mice mounted on their motorcycles fighting against Limburger's goons or as a play set with the garage opening up allowing the mice and Charley to repair their bikes or have some hotdogs and root beer. Alternatively, you can add it to your existing lego city to give even more of an environment to use in your action displays.

Minifigures include:
-         Throttle
-         Vinnie
-         Modo
-         Charlie (includes hidden motorcyclist suit)
-         Lawrence Limburger
-         Karbunkle
-         Greasepit
Each minifigure includes either a weapon or tools in the case of Charley. Lawrence has no weapons, his goons are his accessories. Additional references have been included such as Vinnie’s poster of himself which he billed to the garage and his baby photo which he dropped from his wallet.

For the mice, I propose a custom head piece which can be swopped with their helmets. Due to the lack of a better option I have simulated this with the closest existing hairs, two claws clipping into the heads and 1x1 round tiles clipping into the heads.


The motorcycles are so important that using an existing bike mold would not have done them justice, therefore, I opted to create brick-built versions as close to minifigure scale as possible. They incorporate aspects from both the original and the reboot with their colours applying to the latter.
Also included is Greasepit’s motorcycle with space for both him and Karbunkle.
Karbunkle is armed with a stud launcher integrated rocket launcher which he can fire from this position.

Vinnie's motorcycle has space at the back for Charley since she mainly rides with Vinnie in the show. 

Challenges and additional disclaimers:

Since the appearance of the garage and the interior layout challenges consistently not only across episodes but also across scenes, I have tried to narrow the build down to the most consistent portrayals across episodes. Certain rooms are also never shown such as the connecting room between the main door entrance and the door leading to the garage section, this is where the custom storage area came in.

A second floor was added later in season 1 but, apart from the limited view of Charley’s room, we have no idea what this area consists of. Instead of creating pointless filler rooms or decorations, I opted in to keeping the single floor design from episode 1 and dedicated the remaining space next to the unseen storage area to Charley’s room. This way, the remaining space is closer to the limited view of her room we saw without needing to incorporate any original filler elements.

I hope you like it! Ride free citizen!

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