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Low Altitude Flying Car


When I view the Lego Ideas I am amazed at the creativity and quality of the submissions.  I only wish that more of them would make it into production.  I know that I for one would be buying at least some of them.   I notice that most of them are on the large size and use a lot of bricks.  There is nothing wrong with that, but I would like to see some submissions that are on the small size.
The Lego company produces a wide range of sets, ranging from the relatively expensive sets with thousands of bricks to the inexpensive sets with relatively few bricks.  There are a large number of the small sets.   I am guessing the reason is to make Lego sets more affordable for people who do not have deep pockets and to make it easier for people to get started using Legos.

Toward that end I am submitting something small.  I don’t have a snappy name yet so I am just calling it a Low Altitude Flying Car.  Including the minifig it has less than 100 bricks.  I hope this might inspire other builders to also submit something small.

If there hasn’t been one, would you consider having a contest for designs with 100 or less bricks? 

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