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Mr Benn and the Fancy Dress Shop


Mr Benn.


Mr Benn's adventures take on a similar pattern. Mr Benn, a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat, leaves his house at 52 Festive Road and visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited by the moustachioed, fez-wearing shopkeeper to try on a particular outfit. He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back of the changing room and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure (which usually contains a moral) before the shopkeeper reappears to lead him back to the changing room, and the story comes to an end. Mr Benn returns to his normal life, but is left with a small souvenir of his magical adventure. Additionally, scenes before and after his adventure usually have some connection to it, such as the games the children are playing in the street as he passes.

This Lego set is based on the Costume shop and includes Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper, it will also come with the pieces to Change Mr Benn into the Costumes that are in the shop.

The included costumes are, The Red Knight, The Cook, The Clown and the Cowboy.

The complete list of Mr Benn’s Characters from the Show are;


Red Knight








Zoo Keeper

Diver (Frogman)


Aladdin (Magic Carpet)




Which means there are plenty of other Costumes for me to base some ideas around.

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