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Super Adventure Van Squad

*From Left to Right: Johnny the Firetruck, Lewis the Turbo Van, Clarie the Science School Van, Billy the Villainy Towtruck, and Sir William the Wise RV Van.

"Join the super adventure of Lewis, the Turbo van as he races across the country in search of the prized Ultra Power Cellz: A mythical unlimited power source that only a worthy van can behold.

On his journey, he will meet various friends and teammates. But beware, Billy the Villainy Towtruck is also out on the prowl, looking for vans to plow and tow away. " 

This colourful set of vehicles is built on a square shape with many moveable parts like the ladder on the firetruck. Play them in a story or race them down a ramp, these vehicles are a bundle of fun for young and old! 

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