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Pan Am Worldport

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The Pan American Worldport was one of the most recognisable terminals at the JFK airport in New York. Built by the iconic Pan American World Airways in 1960, it came to represent the excitement and wonder of the jet age. Unfortunately, with the death of Juan Trippe, the visionary founder of Pan Am, and the oil crisis in the 1990s, Pan Am's fortunes took a turn for the worst, with the airline eventually ceasing operations in 1991. Delta airlines took over the terminal, operating it for a couple more years into the 21st century before finally demolishing it in 2013. The world of air travel would never be the same again.

About the model:

Building the iconic Worldport was a most enjoyable breath of fresh air, as I rarely build at such a small scale. However, the lack of detailed pictures of the interior, as well as the building's untimely demise, meant that I had to guess several of the structural features. Nevertheless, other areas such as the 707s were fun to tinker around with and I managed to include many tiny details which are sure to delight. All in all, a very fun model to design and I hope you will support it.


-Detailed Worldport building, with small cars on the ramp to the entrance of the terminal

-2 Boeing 707s - the plane that taught the world to fly jets, so you can travel the 60s in style!

-Also possible to include bonus figures dressed as Pan Am staff, pilots, etc.

-615 parts (inclusive of the B707s)


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