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Vitesse 14

This is my first larger than minifigure size LEGO car! I call it the Vitesse 14, because "la vitesse" is french for speed, and the car is 14 studs wide. I made the design for this car entirely by myself, there is no real car that looks (exactly) like this.
The features of the Vitesse 14 include opening doors, an opening back so you can see my simple attempt at a v8 engine.The car has a steering wheel, dashboard radio and gearshift, along with two seats. The Vitesse 14's front wheels can steer (not connected to the steering wheel), but because the car is as small as it is, the wheels need a lot of space to turn and so there's an extra brick-width of space on each side of the tires. This was annoying, so next time I build a car this size I don't think I'll make it steer at all.
This car consists of approximately 1000-1500 pieces. I didn't count while I built it, and don't want to take it apart to count it and then rebuild it again. It is 14 studs wide, 29 studs long, and nearly seven bricks tall.
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