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Medieval Water Mill With Power Function [LDD]

This idea is inspired by the Lyngby water mill, which is approx. 200 years old. The water mill fits nicely into a medieval environment. The water mill is equipped with Power Function.

The roof is thatched and has a mansard with bricks and can be lifted off as there is access to the interior of the mill.

Opposite the mill function, there is a fully furnished apartment with a kitchen and living room/bedroom, where the miller's dog loves to watch TV.

A local artist is painting a painting of the beautiful mill.

All new stickers prints are designed in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to the LDD standard.

1846 elements have been used.

Lyngby watermill is located by Mølleåen, which can be found approx. 20 km north of Copenhagen, Denmark. There has been a water mill in Lyngby for more than 500 years. There are a further 7 water mills on the stream from Lyngby to the mouth of the Øresund.

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