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lego modular town house

this is something i built out of my own lego it would be a DREAM COME TRUE if it were to become a lego set. It has a reception, detailed kitchen, lowered living room and stained glass window on the first floor .On the second it has a dining room with a chandelier, table lamp and detailed table and chairs. Finnaly the third floor has an intricate bed and side lamp, a desk with a letter ,desk toy and side lamp .there is also a separated bathroom

this is the ground floor as you can see it does not have much detail I would like that to be edited especially the kitchen. As you can see there is also a large stained glass window

1st floor is a grand dining room with chandelier (which could be improvised) and large windows which could have more detail

2nd floor is a bedroom with detailed desk and bed. At the other end of the room is a bathroom which I will leave for lego designers to fill in

This is the facade of the house however the roof with a well made skylight is not visible

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