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Angry Birds


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The Angry Birds!  Combining the Laws of Physic, the Ability and the Strategy with a great dose of Fun… What a great ally for LEGO!

In this project I created RED, the main character of the famous Angry Birds

With the movie coming soon, I thought building this model to offer the fans of both LEGO and Angry Birds a great complement to the new products from LEGO & The Angry Birds Movie...  A wider range of ages can now have fun together! 

RED is the first character I build.  I intend to build other characters so I invite you to send me a message and let me know which of the other characters you like most and influence my next creation. 

Thanks for looking at my project and thank you for "supporting" if you like it.  Make sure to "follow" if you are interested in seeing future updates with additional pictures and details.


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