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Simpsons Channel 6


This is the Simpsons Channel 6 building I made on Lego Digital Designer.

What's inside ?

Cantina: 8 chairs, 3 tables, 2 pizza's, 4 drinks, 2 ice cream, 1 croissant and 1 pie.

Recording studio: 1 camera, 1 microphone and 1 mixing panel.

Tv studio from Kent Brockman :  1 tv, 2 chairs, 2 tables, 2 camera's, sound equipment, 1 computer and 2 newspapers.

Office: 3 bookcases, 2 chairs, 2 desks and a wall you can open so the tv studio is connected to the office.

Reception: 4 chairs, 1 coffetable, 2 computers, 2 keyboards, big desk, and a red carpet.

Lounge room: 3 small sofas, 1 coffeetable, 3 tv's for tv shows or advertisement and a large bench.

Also ther are 2 staircases in the building.

I hope you like my work. Please support, if you have any ideas for other sets or ideas how to improve my set post it in the comment area.

Thanks for supporting, legostar7639.

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