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Lion Knights' River Outpost

Kingdoms were always my favorite Castle subtheme and reviving it would be great. Thus, I bring you the red Lion Knight's river outpost! 

The Lion Knight's river outpost sits on a small island on the icy waters of the river bordering the Kingdom. It is a vital stronghold to control trade and transport on the river and to fend off any surprise raid by the cunning Green Dragons. The outpost shall not share Mill Village's fate!

The set features a small but realistic medieval guard tower sitting on a rock on the river and its surroundings. It also contains a small trader's boat bringing food and other supplies to the valiant defenders of the castle.

The main build is features 4 levels with different functions:
  • The ground level serves as the barracks for the soldiers defending the outpost
  • The first level houses the drawbridge mechanism and arrow slits for the archers to shoot at any enemy foolish enough to come too close
  • The second level is the storage area with functional treadmill crane
  • The third level serves as the officers' quarters

Play Functions:
  • Functional drawbridge
  • Functional treadmill crane

The build is modular with easily accessible and detailed interiors.

With its play functions this build may work as both a play set and a display piece, although due to its extensive size, it is more aimed at adult castle fans.

2964 parts.

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