Product Idea |

Retro Robot

What is it?
  • A retro/classic style robot 
Why did I build it?
  • Robots are cool and this looked like a fun design idea for either a feature set or a play set.
Why would this make a great Lego set?
  • Original design.
  • Less than 1,000 pieces.
  • No new parts/colours required.
  • Can be posed in various positions for display i.e. arms, legs and head can be positioned easily.
  • For children it offers fun play features including 2 different grabbing hands (clamp and claw), open mouth for filling with bricks etc (with a door to open behind the head to get things back out), turning cogs, posable positions, spinning head, fun design.
  • A handle at the back turns the cogs on the front.
  • Could be upgraded with light bricks for glowing eyes.
Approx 38cm tall 

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