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Falcon 9 + Dragon Capsule + Fairings


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Hi, that’s my lego Falcon 9 made in Studio 2.0, it was a lot of work because it can land and deploy the fairings and the Dragon capsule is so detailed and I respect all the detail too.
I make this model because I like the SpaceX Falcon 9 and I know a lot of persons who like it too, so I create it and I think it can get 10000votes.
It is inspired from the amazing SpaceX Falcon 9, it can be launched and reuse. My model can be a model to play with or to put it in your workshop or to put it next to your other space models etc.
If you like it support me and tell your friends to support too.
I also make a video of my lego Falcon 9: 

Hope you like it!

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