Product Idea

Mascots of SpaceX Dragon

In commemoration of SpaceX's Dragon capsule's amazing success, this is a model with three mascots it carried on its missions to the International Space Station. From Demonstration Mission 1 is the test dummy and the plushy "Earthy." From DM-2 is the beloved apatosaurus "Tremor."

Tremor is the main build. It has some poseability; Each leg as well as the neck has articulation forwards and back. The tail has ball-and-socket joints which allow it to be posed. I tried to make the model vary smooth to make it look soft, simulating a real toy. 

Overall, this is a rather simple build so I think it would be great for younger children as well as older lego fans.

Piece count: 152
Length: ~20 studs
Width: 6 studs
Height: ~ 9 bricks 

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