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lego spore

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bad imige up top.spore is a game about evolving and making your own speics look it up to find more.the main picture is a small cell stage are some idears i fout of.
-cell stage parts pack
-cell stage big frute thing
-cell stage mega cell
-cell stage starter set includes 3 cells and cenery
-cell stage cell pack includes lots of cells
-creture stage small nest includes 5 cretures
-creture stage small enamy nest includes 2 frendly crutures and 3 mean ones
-creture stage parts pack includes bones
-creture stage big nest/mega set incudes 6 frendly cretures from 2 difrent species
2 mean cretures and cennery
-creture stage epic creture 2 small cretures and cennery
-creture stage rouge creture includes 2 cretures
-creture stage beach includes sea monster and 3 cretures
-trible stage main hut includes 2 cretures chife wild animle and the creture pen/has picture
-trible stage vilige includs 4 cretures the villige and wepons
-trible stage epic creture includs forest 3 cretures wepons and epic creture
-trible stage war set incudes 4 good cretures and 4 mean cretures wepens and mean vilige
-trible stage fishing area includes 2 mean creaturs beach fishing gear wepons and 3 cretures

-civ stage land rover (big) has picture
-civ stage starter set includes 4 cretures 1 land rover and town hall
-civ stage city includes 2 houses 2 factreys 2 entertainment centers town hall 4 cretures and a rover and a boat
-civ stage spice gezer includes 1 air vehicle and 1 rover and a enamy rover
-civ stage bad city includes 2 good vehicles and 2 bad vehicles and an enamy city and cenery
-civ stage bulding maker set
-space stage spaceship includes spaceship and to grox ships and your captine
-space stage grox big ship includes a mega grox ship
-space stage ship maker
-space stage home planet set includes home planet grox ship and your ship
-space stage ally ship 9has picture)

i made the pictures on ldd

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