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The Hobbit giant chess


The saga The Hobbit is unfortunately being closed with Lego, and a large set would be a good idea.

Based on the fantastic Giant Chess castle (852293), I've built around the game's area a landscape reminiscent of places from the first and the second films:

-Erebor (with the Arkenstone)

-Stone elements around Dol Guldur 


-the Shire

32 characters are included: Kili and Ori are the rooks, Balin and Oin are the knights, Gandalf and Radagast are the bishops, Bilbo and Thorin are the queen and the king, and the other dwarves are the pawns.  Orc bowmen are the other rooks, wargs are the knights, Goblin king and Gollum are the bishops, Azog is the queen and the Necromancer is the king. Other orcs are the pawns.



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