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Narnia - into the wardrobe


Narnia will be great opportunity to have in our favorite toys. It is one of the best stories and awesome creatures like fauns,centaurs,dwarves and a lot of talking animals.

This set includes small girl Lucy and a faun Tumnus. This set has 123 pieces including minifigures and their accessories.

Mr Tumnus (faun) minifigure doesn't have new molded pieces,only new printings,same as Lucy.

Features are:

-Get inside the wardrobe

-You will find Your self in magic land Narnia

-First thing to see there is a big lamp

-There are a lot of bushes and a lot of snow

-First creature You met is faun mr. Tumnus

This set doesn't have new molded pieces,just new printings

I hope You will support this project,because Narnia is one of the best stories ever told.

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