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Long Lost Treasure


I usually like to include a story with my projects, but on this occasion I’m not. This scene was part of a trio of builds with a story linking them, but it was rejected so I’ve decided to submit them separately. The rejection of the original idea has actually become a blessing in disguise.  It means that I can show the three separately and therefore include a lot more photos.

This one came together quite quickly. The baseplate was crying out for a full ocean bottom scene! I started with the cave in the centre and moved outwards, and it just developed from there. The scary-looking fish sits nicely inside! The blue curves around the outside just give the whole scene a sense of water movement. And of course it had to have sharks!

I was going to add some divers and take more photos, but I think there’s enough to look at without them.

Hope you enjoy this underwater scene. I love seeing it on display.

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