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The Quest for Blue


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These adventurerers have everything they want. Except the colour blue!

Their leader is Ylse, the friendly and motivational woman of the group. But, she is desperate: she must and will have got blue in her life. So she initiated a quest.

Finally her group of steampunkers found an isolated part of the universe with a few cristals of blue. It's a steap cliff above a sandy desert. The group already has built a small building which is both
  • a temple, where hopefully a lot of gems of blue can be worshipped
  • a laboratory, where one of the scientists examines a new beautiful blue cristal
  • a factory, with a [working] pulley system and a [working] treadmill

They built their settlement high above the ground, because -maybe- there are invaders looking for precious blue cristals as well. So one has access to their entity only by an [working] elevator. Their architecture has some elements of bionicle, ninjago, atlantis and chima.

My design is a vertical build, but (most of) the individual bricks are stacked in the normal, horizontal fashion. So I needed to look for some tricks to keep the build together.

I made several prototypes with real LEGO bricks, but eventually I ended up with a design in Bricklink Studio. Mostly because I felt short in the number (and the colours) of bricks I have at my disposal at home.

I tested the build with one of my prototypes in real-life. To my opinion, the whole build is strong, stiff and durable. The steap cliff could be much bigger of course, but I made it as big as necessary for this storyline. In Bricklink Studio I cheated on available colours for the pupose of the minifigs only.
In Part Designer I designed the rope of the pulley system myself, but, sadly enough, I still have difficulties in curving the rope around the wheels.

You can hang this build to the wall as a piece of art, or you can hang this build nearby the floor, so kids can actually play with it.

… for your visit to this build of mine. I hope you can appreciate the vertical and technical build together with the playable storyline and minifigs.

Please help me support this idea. Let me know what you think about it in the comments below, and do not hesitate to contact me.
Thank you!
venividivossie, october 2022

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