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Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon


This build began as a surprise gift for a friend who owns a White Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock. It has a lift kit and is a monster of a vehicle. After seeing it a few times, I went to the Jeep website to view all the cool options and accessories that were offered on the stock vehicles. At that point, I realized this would be a great Lego project. The Wrangler series epitomizes Lego vehicles with extreme looks, cool options and the ability to modify things.

My initial goal was to make this look just like my friends Jeep. I took some photos and began the build. At some point, my wife suggested submitting this to Lego Ideas so I checked the website and this brought about a second goal … playability. If by some chance this was ever produced by Lego, I didn’t want this to just be a model on a shelf, it needed to fun. So I added more off road accessories and moving parts (like a winch).

Included features:

  • Doors open and are removable
  • Side Mirrors rotate and stay on vehicle when doors are removed
  • Tailgate opens and rear window flips up
  • Roof is removable and in 3 sections
  • Turn-able winch with string cable
  • Bumper and grille guard have multiple configurations
  • Fogs lights on bumper and roof
  • Chassis lift kit for extreme off road look
  • Custom decals for hood, names and license plate

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