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Doctor Who - LEGO

Support to show LEGO and BBC that we want official LEGO sets for Doctor Who!
Please take the time to comment, constructive criticism is appreciated.

More and larger images can be found here:

I will be making all the doctors, if you have a favorite I haven't made yet, tell me in the comments and I might prioritize him.


A really simple design but I think they turned out quite well. These are obviously based on the most recent dalek incarnation.

Cybermen & weeping angels:
Really happy with how these turned out. the angels hair got more defintion than what shows up in the image.

The silence:
Has longer arms and legs than normal minifigures, with a printed alien head.

I will add more stuff later on, add your suggestions for characthers and sets in the comments.

The main set I'm proposing is the Tardis interior:
This set is split into 3 segments, The wall segment with the staircase, the entrance area with coathanger to store some of the doctors hats. And the main part of the set the controle panel platform and attached walkway.
This would benefit from being closer to the floor for playability.

Minifigures, 11th doctor, River Song, Amy & Rory

All minifigures and "decals" designed by me.

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