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Meta Runner: MD-5 Hideout

This is a LEGO replica of the MD-5 Hideout from the YouTube web series Meta Runner. The show was created by Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul. The story is about a girl named Tari who wakes up in a futuristic city revolving around video games and can't remember anything. She somehow has this strange ability to warp into video games and an evil corporation called TAS Corp run by Lucks wants her and her abilities to surpass other competitions. 
The reason I built this is that I'm a big fan of Meta Runner and since Season 2 came out, I want to make this series have something fans will love and have something for their own LEGO collection.
I believe this would make a great set because Meta Runner is a groundbreaking series to ever be created and I want all fans young and old to reenact iconic scenes from the show or share their memorable moments. A Die-Hard Meta Runner fan would love to see this project become an official set, so everyone who has seen or love the series, so please support this set and make Luke and Kevin proud!
The set comes with 5 Mini-figures and 1 Buildable figure: Tari, Theo, Masa, Sofia, Lamar, and a Ramen-Bot

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