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Green Harmony

Welcome to 'Green Harmony'

I designed this architecture based on three main principles: integration with nature, sustainable renewable energy sources, and maximized natural sunlight utilization. From a distance, this structure resembles a hillside, seamlessly blending into its surroundings. The sides of the house, with greenery and vegetation, mimic the natural gradient of a hill, creating a home in harmony with nature, rather than disrupting it.

The design incorporates a green roof, doubling as a top yard. This element serves a dual purpose, providing a relaxing outdoor space while promoting better insulation and reducing rainwater runoff.

Renewable energy is a key component of this design. The house strives for sustainability and energy efficiency using miniature wind turbines and solar panels.

Optimizing natural sunlight is also a key aspect. Through strategically placed skylights/large windows, a soft glow bathes the house throughout the day, reducing the need for artificial lighting.

It's my first project and I anticipate that it will continue to evolve. Based on your invaluable feedback and suggestions, I plan to make iterative refinements over time, constantly improving the design. Please join me in hoping for a greener, more sustainable future :)

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