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Md-22 Blue Lightning


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This is the Blue Lightning is a mech that I built as a test of a new style. Personally I’d say the style is a hit but I’ll leave it to you guys to decide on the comments. In the mean time...

The Blue Lightning is a distance-combat specialized mech loaded with missile racks and a sniper rifle. An optional modification is a jet pack so it can fly and fire from a distance. Due to the weight of the pack it comes with a third stabilizing leg that can curl up between the legs during flight. The cockpit opens for a lucky pilot. It can move at the hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and fingers. It has a second gun that I had photos of but lost when I took all the rest of the images. Personally, I believe that it is one of my favorite mechs I ever built.

this mech has an interesting history. The parts came mostly from a mech I made from the Ninjago Legacy Jay’s Storm Jet, while the frame cane from another mech I designed and am trying to submit to ideas(hint hint LEGO please let it be posted hint hint). Along with having a lot of playability it looks downright amazing as I’m sure you will agree. However, in spite of its amazing appearance it has several stability issues, notably with the jet pack. Hopefully when it makes 10k the jet pack will be swiftly redesigned.

I would like to give a shout-out to Messymaru, who unintentionally helped me discover this new style. Messymaru is a talented builder who is sadly not a member of the ideas community for complicated reasons, but he has kindly given me tips on how to improve my mech skills and my mech uses his frame design, so please check out his bio in the thank you box for this idea. Thank you Messymaru for your input.