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Teletubbies: Tubbytronic Superdome

Time for Teletubbies! Come explore the Tubbytronic Superdome where the Teletubbies live. Let this set just fill you with happiness and joy with memories from your childhood.
It has 698 pieces, and has quite the functions. The doors open, you can put the Teletubbies on the slide and make them slide down. The Tubby Toaster can shoot Tubby Toast out of it. There is 1 Tubby Toast for each Teletubby (plus an extra). There is a Tubby Custard Machine for the Teletubbies to drink their custard (1 for each Teletubby). They also have a kitchen table with seats to enjoy their meals. For nap-time, the Teletubbies each have a bed to sleep on (blankets not included).
The Magic Windmill is also a new feature, to reenact TV Events, Magical Events, and Tubby Bye-Bye to the Teletubbies in every episode. Lots of rabbits to hop about (8 are included).
Let us also not forget the loveable character "Naughty" Noo-Noo! Three Voice Trumpets are also included to support the Teletubbies!

4 Minifigures Included:
Tinky Winky

*On a personal note: I made this set because I LOVE Teletubbies, and I always wanted LEGO to make a Teletubbies set. Also, new molded heads may be needed!*

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