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Winter Police Station


While writing this description it is snowing outside (Here in The Netherlands). So I came up with a winter village idea. There are all different kinds of buildings already and in particular a fire station. I was questioning myself: Why don’t we have a police winter village set? And that’s were my idea came from.

This set includes a Police station building to lockup 2 robbers who are stealing the present from Santa Klaus and his Elves. To be as quick as possible at the scene there is an police vehicle for the officers. So they can stop de robbers.

About this set:
This set is made in a winter village style. The set includes 1361 parts.
The set comes with 5 minifigures:
- 3 police officers
- 2 robbers

As an extra feature there is a ladder to help the robber(s) to escape from there prison.

I hope you liked my idea and thank you for your support!!

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