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Kid Cosmic and the Stones of Power

This set is based off of a very imaginative show, Kid Cosmic, about a kid who finds five cosmic stones of power and gives them to his friends. Each stone has its own power (Green: flight/telekinesis, Purple: teleportation, Red: precognition, Yellow: duplication, Blue: size changing). The show is on Netflix, has a nice big 100% on Rotten Tomatoes and has a cool cartoonish look to it. Despite the art style the show's story is very heartwarming and surprisingly has a lot of life lessons in it.

This set has many playable features, looking good both on display and for playability.

Minifigures could include:
  • Kid Cosmic (pictured)
  • Papa G (pictured)
  • Tuna Sandwich (first picture in the top left)
  • Rosa (not pictured)
  • Jo (not pictured)
  • Chuck (not pictured)

The pictured set that I built has three components, each with its on significance to the show.

The trailer: This is where the main character (Kid) lives. Inside the trailer is a bed, a box of comic book tiles, and a tiny vault where the stones of power are hidden. Outside there is a broken truck pulling the trailer as well as a double-decker couch in the back. On top of the trailer is a chair and a barbecue.

The road: This road goes right by the junkyard, which is fenced off, and would probably lead into town. Behind the fence is an old mattress that in the show is used for comical purposes (characters fall and hit the ground instead of the mattress).

The "G" sign: This sign has a hidden set of gears attached to a transparent rod that the Kid Cosmic minifigure can be attached to. With the twist of the orange rod, the minifigure attached will appear to be flying. This scenery also has a cactus and a large sign with the letter G on it.

I think that this has great potential as a LEGO set, judging by previous LEGO Ideas sets.
Finally, the estimated piece count is between 250-300 pieces, for the pictured model.

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